To Roy:

“Dear Roy,

I just wanted to thank you for your work with me recording my first voice over audition recently with the ReMax script. You made me feel at ease and I ended up having fun and learning some things. Thanks again for all your help.”Sharon Fielder

An awesome review by the Rogue Cinema for the newest Rebel Pictures’ feature film, Buffalo. “But perhaps the greatest strength in this particular film is the sound design and editing by Joseph McCargar and River City Studios Ltd. It is simply superb, ranging from footsteps crunching in the gravel to train horns blowing by in the distance.”Rogue Cinema
“Celebration! Cinema loves working with River City Studios. In addition to their expertise in the industry, everyone on staff provides an unparalleled level of customer service. Their flexible scheduling allows us to always meet our deadlines and their work ethic gives us confidence that our commercials will always sound great! It’s cliché, but when you work with River City Studios, you feel like you’re part of their family.”Jenny Garone – “The Voice” of Celebration! Cinema
“Roy, Joe, Jackie, Austin and the entire team are amazing to work with. I highly recommend River City Studios for any recording needs or auditioning space needs you might have.”Mitch Ware
“It was 1980 and I remember a couple of mics and some bad red shag carpeting.
They told me “This is River City Studios”. It was small and cramped but the vibe was magic.
Shortly, that vibe was transferred into a bigger better studio and the Grand Rapids 80’s music scene was born.
RiverCity Studios has always been the place to be as a writer and musician. The artist comes first.
Fast forward to 2014 and RiverCity is still THE place to record in Michigan.
Roy and Austin will help you plan your project, work with your budget and respect you as an artist.

The new studio on the river provides a beautiful inspirational atmosphere to bring out your creativity.

I wrote my last release at RiverCity.
They brought out the very best writer in me and I achieved things I never thought I could.
RiverCity has always been a part of my musical life.
It’s the musical soul of the city.
I can’t wait to start my next project there.
I’ve been to a lot of other studios, and nothing compares to the magic and genius that is RiverCity.”Susan Buchanan